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    Menhirs Khakassia

    • Ust-Abakan, Russia
    • Menhirs Khakassia$$
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    • Menhirs - one of the many mysteries facing humankind throughout its history. Who could establish such a huge plate (some weighing up to 50 tons) so long ago, when there was no mechanism in sight. It is clear that they lowered with mountains, but how? Riddle.

      Studies menhirs archeologists began in the XVIII century, but the answers to all the questions, there is still no. Statues Mіnusіnska basins different in shape. Some resemble poles, other - flat plates, indefinite form. At the time when the sun rises or sits on the surface of some plates discern the outlines of human faces often with animal horns or odd-shaped crown.

      Modern researchers have found that menhirs are installed within the anomalous zones in areas of tectonic fractures in the Earth's crust, which out of the bowels of the earth receives unprecedented energy that provides the healing properties of the human body. In ancient times, here to worship and sacrifice. For many centuries people have come here to cure diseases, and many succeeded.

      The most famous hakaskuyu menhirs - Great Gate, located on the eve of the Royal valley and Ulus-Khurtuyakh Tas (huge stone statue of the women). It is believed that the statue of the old cures for infertility.

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