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    The mosque named RG Galeev in Almetyevsk

    • Nagornoe, Russia
    • The mosque named RG Galeev in Almetyevsk$$
    • +7 (8553) 250829
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      Mosque them. RG Galeeva located on the street S.Mardzhani Borisov. Named in honor of Rinat Galeev, who made the greatest contribution to its creation. In 1990, the construction of the mosque was started and lasted for 9 years, it was conducted under the guidance of engineers Gareeva AA, Maslova, VI and Abdullina SS The architect of the project were Zakіravay AM and Mavlyutova FM

      The mosque belongs to the type of bathing on the roof which is the main minaret. The southern part of the three-story brick house is equipped with a prayer hall with a capacity of 1,200 people in the northern part of the building there is a conference room and several auxiliary buildings. 

      The interior decoration of the hall arnamentavalіsya colored tiles. Stained glass windows adorn the second level on the dome. The building of the mosque is a modern religious building, which has expanded the functional significance.

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