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    Luchegorskoe Reservoir

    • Luchegorsk, Russia
    • Luchegorskoe Reservoir$$
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    • Maritime Power Plant began to build after Pozharsky in the area discovered the burial of brown coal. In this connection, in parallel with the station at the settlement area arranged in which workers were placed. And called it Luchegorsk. Later came the railway Station to deliver the extracted coal, and reservoirs, which was given the name in honor of the village. Body of water formed on the river Kontrovod River. Due to the reservoir power station works and village receives water.
      Luchegorsk pond is a huge area of ​​about 10 square kilometers. Its length is nearly seven kilometers, and width - about one and a half kilometers. On the one hand shore of the reservoir treated concrete slab, which is made of pipe structures.

      To date, the reservoir are extremely popular. This is not surprising, because the water is always clean, so here attracts thousands of tourists. On the coast, working tourist rest houses, children's camps, sports centers. In the latter outdoor pursuits vodnomotornomu and sailing sports.

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