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    Lipetsk Zoo

    • Lipetsk, Russia
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      Lipetsk Zoo is almost the main attraction of the Lower Park Lipetsk. It was founded in 1973 on the basis of nature corner, which was based in the park. Since then, the area of ​​the zoo has expanded significantly and today covers more than four hectares, which comfortably settled more than 3,500 species of animals and birds representing more than 300 species. Many of the inhabitants of the zoo are listed as endangered.

      In 1993, Lipetsk Zoo was included in the eўraazіyatskuyu Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Zoo specialists actively cooperate with zaaparkamі capitals and other cities in implementing projects for the exchange of animals and scientific data. Since 2006, operates the so-called "contact" zoo for the smallest visitors. It is a large aviary, which contains the most harmless animals - rabbits, kazlyanyaty, baby llama, some species of birds. In the aviary, children can go and pat or feed the animals. In addition, the zoo has an aquarium, terrarium, regular educational programs and lectures.

      In the near future the area of ​​Lipetsk Zoo will be almost doubled, there will be an exciting new attractions and entertainment - place a small safari park, as well as themed corners dedicated to Africa and animals of prey species.

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