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    Lipetsk iron works

    • Lipetsk, Russia
    • Lipetsk iron works$$
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    • In 1973, in the Lower Park Lipetsk, on the former site of the office ironworks was a monument dedicated to the emergence of metallurgy in Lipetsk. The history of steel production in Lipetsk has more than three centuries. Solution on the establishment of the city and its surroundings and metallurgical plants cannon was made in 1700.

      After just three years after the sovereign decision, burned the first blast furnace Upper Lipetsk ironworks. Specifically for their needs was built Six-meter long dam 116 meters and a width of 18 meters. Gradually the company grew, and soon began to feel an acute shortage of Molotov svіdravalnyh, weapons workshops. Lower plant construction began, and then two more. In the 1st quarter of XVIII century Lipetsk plants could produce annually 76,000 tons of pig iron, which is one of 500 guns.

      By the end of XVIII century activity of the plants started to decline, because it does not have enough fuel for smelting furnaces - in previous years the surrounding forests were almost completely cut down. In this regard, in 1795 Lipetsk weapons and metallurgical complex was closed and all equipment is transported in Lugansk. Our only memorial recalls the place that once housed a powerful production.

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