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    Kislovodsk Resort Park

    • Kislovodsk, Russia
    • Kislovodsk Resort Park$$
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      Kislovodsk pride is its medical spa park - a fine example of landscape design, in which the natural beauty skillfully played with human imagination. Park is the second largest in Europe, but the first in beauty and richness of plant world elegance garden compositions and medicinal properties of the local air.

      Work on the device of the park began in 1832 on the orders of General A.Ermolova, who is considered the founder of the park. On the rocky shore Olkhovka was brought fertile black soil, and planted trees. Already in 1837, the year of arrival in Kislovodsk Lermontov, The park covers an area of ​​10 hectares and is a rather cozy place for a stroll.

      Today, the area of ​​the spa park is more than 1000 hectares. It collected about 300 species of local and exotic species of trees and shrubs, planted a beautiful rose garden.

      Kislovodsk park called medical reason. Back in the late XIX century German physician M.Ertel Trains proposed a method of treatment of heart and vascular diseases dazavanymі (in time and tempo), traveling in the mountains and called it terrenkur. First in Russia's news was embodied in Kislovodsk in 1901. Resort Park 6 routes path, extending from 1700 to 6000 m. Walking along the paths of the park, clean air, enhancing the natural іyanіzatsyya and saturated air volatile production plants have become a great addition to the healing properties of mineral water "Narzan", for which thousands of tourists come here.

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