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    Kurgan Temir

    • Aleksandrovskij, Russia
    • Kurgan Temir$$
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      Temir mound - a mound, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region in the territory of the museum-reserve Arkaіm.
      "Kurgan Temir" - a copy of the tomb of nomads, who was playing by archaeologists in 1991 on archival materials of the excavations of the mound but in fact in the Chelyabinsk region in Cesme area in 1982. Details of internal and external devices in this funerary constructions were reproduced to the smallest detail by archaeologists, whose team led A.D.Tairov, doctor of historical sciences.

      Monument dates back to the fourth century BC. In those days the square steppe nomadic tribes living on the lifestyle which the ancient Greeks created numerous legends about the Amazons and centaurs.

      Kurgan is the ancestral burial place of representatives of the tribe. In one such mound buried up to 5-6 people.

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