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    Noise-mound mountain

    • Zapole, Russia
    • Noise-mound mountain$$
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      Noise-mountain - a beautiful historic monument, located on the banks of the River Meadows. Its height is 14 meters, and the base has a diameter of about 70 meters. Structural noise-mountain consists of two levels, which allows you to compare it with the step pyramid, ziggurat. The entire surface of the hill is lined with limestone blocks plіtnyaku for whom the ancient volcano could look like architectural structure perfectly white. Today, its slopes covered with turf, which smoothes out its outline.

      Without a doubt, such a majestic buildings around soars many mysteries and legends. One legend associates this hill with the famous tomb of Prince Rurik. Precise data on this subject has not yet been found, and historians have yet to solve question. But over the years Noise Mountain dominates the minds of fans of mysterious stories and like a magnet attracts travelers. A few years ago it began to hold an annual festival, which brings together representatives of the clubs historical reconstruction. And these days Noise-mountain comes alive, becoming the center of a colorful celebration.

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