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    Kurapovskaya dam

    • volotovo, Russia
    • Kurapovskaya dam$$
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      Kurapovskaya dam on the beautiful swords was set in stone and rubble, obtained during the construction of the local hydroelectric power. It connects the two banks of the river, because of what upstream soon formed a long channel reservoir. The width of the dam was about four meters, and the height above the level was equal to about 3.5 meters. There have been a bypass channel and wash with special vodosbrasivayuschimi shutter ledoreznoy facilities. While hydroelectric power operated, locks and dam to keep in order. But 20 years later it turned out that the cost of electricity produced by the station is too high. In 1974, the dam is no longer operated, floods have gradually destroy the structure.

      Over the past half century the local landscape has changed dramatically. This place has lost its commercial importance and turned into a wonderful piece of nature, rich in lush vegetation. Very often, people here are going to have a good time and enjoy the magnificent scenery. From the dam were only ruins, which are already unobtrusive and do not carry any practical significance.

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