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    Cultural complex "National Village"

    • Orenburg, Russia
    • Cultural complex "National Village"$$
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      Orenburg region has long been home to many nationalities with their distinctive customs and way of life. Russian, Tatar, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Bashkir, Mordvinians - more than a hundred nationalities coexist peacefully for many years in the region. A symbol of their cultural interaction, understanding and respect for each other's traditions became a cultural center "National Village", located on the avenue Gagarin.

      National Village - a beautiful park on one of the central streets of the city, a kind of museum complex, formed by houses Manors major peoples of the Orenburg region. The architectural style of each household stylized relevant national housing. In each of the ten yards are small museums dedicated to the culture and life of this nation, newspaper offices, cafes and restaurants of the national cuisine.

      Complex National Village has become a popular holiday destination Orenburg, often hosts concerts and festivals, and in the evenings, the backlight on the beautiful fountain "Friendship".

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