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    Kukarskaya Pokrovsky Monastery

    • Sovetsk, Russia
    • Kukarskaya Pokrovsky Monastery$$
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      In Sovetskaya (Kirov Region) is an old Kukarskaya Pokrovsky Monastery, which belonged to the diocese Vyatsskay. The name of this monastery takes its name from the settlement, in which he was - Kukarka.
      The monastery was founded in 1609 when the village of millstones mountains, was transferred Monastery - Zhernovogorskaya Pradtsechanskaya deserts, ruined charamіsa. The main structure - the Collegiate Church in the name of St. John the Baptist (now Intercession stone church in 1700). The monastery had two courtyards and the fortress was the center Kukarskaya dabrachynnya.
      In 1710 the monastery was one stone and two wooden churches, abbot keley, four wooden kellyamі fraternal and other household outbuildings.
      Now, the Church of the Intercession is enclosed by a stone wall, where there is a beautiful main entrance. Front of the gate stands a small chapel modest, it is built on the former site of the burnt Nicholas Church. The temple has the status of a parish and Intercession church cemetery.

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