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    Round Pond

    • Zareche, Russia
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      Round Pond bernovskogo Park is located in the village of Staritskogo Bernovo Tver region. The park was created in the late XVIII century and belonged to some family mansion Woolf. Here in the estate Woolf some time he lived and worked Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

      By the pond is the main avenue of the park - kandelyabrovye, which consists of high age-old lime trees that survived from the time of Alexander Pushkin and which have been preserved since the 1774-1775 years, and from 1820 goda.Po it can get into the center of the park to the pond , which reflects the old house. In times of Pushkin rates was deep and reaches up to three meters deep, and its bottom was lined with blue clay. Now Round Pond became shallow and covered with water lilies, but it has retained its beauty.

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