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    Kronotskoye Lake

    • Dolinovka, Russia
    • Kronotskoye Lake$$
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    • Kronotsky Lake - the largest lake on the area of ​​the Kamchatka region, it also ranks second in terms of volume and the third deepest in the whole region. This reservoir is located at the foot of one of the world's most beautiful volcano Kronotsky in honor of what was researchers named it in 1908.

      The uniqueness of the lake is confirmed by a natural complex within its basin, namely the scientists all over the world is of interest vіdaўtvarennya mechanisms in this ecosystem, such as the population of sockeye salmon species, as well as group Goltz. In the eastern part of lakes scattered 11 picturesque islands, pointing up at 25-50 m above the water, which makes the extraordinary beauty of this magnificent lake!

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