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    • Kronoki, Russia
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    • Volcano is a powerful volcano height of over 3,500 meters. It is rich in a variety of rocks, which have often been studied by scientists. On the hill there Krinitsky andesite and basalt. In addition, the slopes of the volcano covered with slag, ash, solidified lava and volcanic dust. This indicates that it is still in effect.

      The last major eruption cavers recorded at the beginning of the XXI century. Then Kronotsky brought considerable destruction of the Kamchatka region. Today explosions are excluded. This was closely followed on the volcanic station.

      Volcano filled with centuries-old forests, which consist of stone birch and cedar. From the height of the hill they appear green carpet. Also, in the lower reaches of the volcano there is a huge Kronotsky Lake and the Valley of Geysers. This is an amazing spectacle that necessarily worth seeing.

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