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    Holy Cross Cathedral

    • Onega, Russia
    • Holy Cross Cathedral$$
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      The upper part of the walls built of granite boulders interspersed with brick, and the bottom of the limestone, which at the same time and brought to the island.

      Cathedral of the classical type of architecture of temples is a structure that consists of four pillars, three semicircular projections and powerful cube.

      Currently, the temple partially destroyed, and therefore, the basis of two chapters on the east side covered with a high roof. Now the temple is the height of two meters lower than it was before, because it has been simplified design of the dome in the center of the drum. Before local inputs were equipped Mnogoarochnaya spans.

      Previously, the temple looked much more beautiful in terms of architecture, and more harmoniously. Today, he does not look proportional, cumbersome and powerful.

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