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    Krasnodar Reservoir

    • Prikubanskij, Russia
    • Krasnodar Reservoir$$
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    • Krasnodar Reservoir - is an artificially created body of water in a large river Kuban in the Republic of Adygea and Krasnodar Territory. Is the largest reservoir of the North Caucasus.

      Its area is 420 square kilometers, the total amount ranges from 2 to 3.1 cubic kilometers. The water level is at a height of 8 meters. The length of the reservoir about 40 km and width of up to 15 kilometers.

      The reservoir was created in order to organize and fight rysavodstva spring floods in the lower reaches of the Kuban region. Organized before the reservoir navigation currently suspended due abmyalennya.

      In the Krasnodar reservoir tributaries flow into the Kuban. In 90-x years of the 20th century have been proposed plans for the descent of the reservoir, or at least reducing its level, but these plans still remain unfulfilled.

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