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    Kozheozersky Monastery

    • Onega, Russia
    • Kozheozersky Monastery$$
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    • Founded in 1560, the monastery was the Monk Serapion Kozheezerskim and Niphont.
      At the end of the 19th century lived in the monastery, Archimandrite with 25 monks. While areas include a wooden church and two stone, it Predtecheskaya and Epiphany. The relics were kept Nicodemus Hozyugskogo then in a wooden church.
      At the end of the revolution, the monastery was dissolved. Officially, the monastery was restored in 1999. Abbot of a monastery there Hieromonk Micah (Razinkov). In 2011, he received the blessing of Metropolitan Kholmogorskaya and Archangel Daniel, for In order to establish a convent.
      Today, this monastery is considered the most workable, and all existing monasteries throughout Russia.

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