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    • Yaroslavl, Russia
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      Founded prison in 1782 Alexey Mel'gunov (Governor-General). Offer him about building in Yaroslavl prison was sent to the state chamber of the city. From the decree of Alexander I started construction of the first cell block. In connection with that belonged to a landmark step Yaroslavl Russian prisons, jail Cowsheds made a transit point for etaptikov to Siberia. In this capacity, the prison lasted until 18,030 years after it made from aryshtantskuyu company.

      In 1870, the prison rebuilt and divided into 2 parts. At the end of the revolution, Cowsheds finally took the status of prison. It contained, in the main, who rebelled against the Soviet revolutionaries, intellectuals, the bourgeoisie and the clergy. In one of the buildings contain political prisoners.

      The official name of the prison since 1964 - jail №1 Yaroslavl region "Cowsheds" Because 76/1 150.001.

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