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    Equestrian Club "Grey Horse"

    • Troitskoe, Russia
    • Equestrian Club "Grey Horse"$$
    • +7 905-196-67-69
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      Equestrian Club has two recreation centers, both on the shore Vetluga. Base in the Trinity - are two houses on the edge of the village. Wood, chopped, 3-story, very interesting house in the old style, but with all the amenities. Each house 8 living rooms, dining hall with a Russian stove, fireplace with a large cozy fireplace, 5 toilets, hot and cold water, shower.

      Rooms feature antique household goods and hunting trophies. Each house can accommodate up to 25 people. Each lady has a Russian bath. In Trinity spacious stables for 50 horses. There are part-time farm, where they live cows, goats, sheep, pigs and various birds. In the Trinity is unique church, which is over 300 years old. Church acting.
      Other Database - "Manor on the bank" in the village Blagaveshchanskuyu.

      This is a huge log house in the old Russian style with views of the Vetluga. Around the fields and woods. Across the river - the taiga. House - a former village school. Now - a cozy warm house. There are 11 different rooms - 2 doubles, two triples, five 4-bed, 6 two-seater.

      In addition, the house has two dining hall with fireplace, billiards room and a huge hall. The house is very spacious. Near the house Russian bath. There town for shashlikov - covered gazebo overlooking the river, fireplace, BBQ, table for 20 people. The house can simultaneously accommodate more 40 people. The house facilities are not in the room, and next. Whole house 5 toilets and 3 showers. The house is heated by stoves and fireplaces.

      Also in the Annunciation there is a small zoo, where they live wolves, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, donkey and even a bear. Stable for 20 horses. View from the house unusually beautiful river views Vetluga. Horse routes pass or along the river or through the fields. In addition to horse riding trails owners organize kayaking and rafting.

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