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    • Konevets, Russia
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      Konevets on the island, which is located on Lake Ladoga, there is a huge granite boulder with veins of quartz. In form it resembles the head of a horse, so he was called "Horse-stone." At the height of the stone reaches more than 4 meters, the area around its base Of 54 square meters and weighs 750 tons.

      Large size "Horse-stone" has always attracted people's attention. In ancient times around the pagan rituals were performed, respected him, he bowed. According to the legend, at the end of the XIV century St. Arseny Konevsky decided to clean this place from demons spirits. To do this, he prayed the whole night in the cell, and in the morning, taking the icon of the Blessed Virgin, a procession around the stone and sprinkled it with holy water.

      On the "horse-stone" in 1895 built a small wooden chapel. Since then, this place is considered sacred. Many pilgrims from all over come here to touch the stone, pray, be cleansed spiritually, and ask for his health.

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