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    Complex "Alley signalers named Anatoly Nikulin"

    • Novyj Poselok, Russia
    • Complex "Alley signalers named Anatoly Nikulin"$$
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      Alley signalers named Anatoly Nikulin is in Novosibirske.Eto interesting and at the same time, an unusual architectural complex, located in the Railway area, between the Novosibirsk State Conservatory. Architect Igor oil Elchenko.

      Alley signalers was opened on 26 July 2010. Allues is named after the first general director of "Sibirtelecom" Anatoly Ivanovich Nikulin. He once did a lot for development in the Siberian Federal District. Anatoly Nikulin worked in the organization for life, 36 years. Under his leadership, there was a large number of people. He died a year before the opening of the mall.

      Alley is a modern architectural complex, there are arches and lamps. Lamps shaped like telephones. Benches are made in the form of discs of old phones. In the second set the arch 2 telephone booths. On the territory of the mall can be free call to any subscriber Novosibirsk. In oil has internet, free Wi-Fi.

      On the territory of the avenue is always clean and well maintained. Planted a lot of trees, linden, birch, maple, rowan and others. Just feast for the eyes klumbochki manicured, with beautiful flowers.

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