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    Kolyada Theatre

    • Ekaterinburg, Russia
    • Kolyada Theatre$$
    • +7 359-80-22
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      Kolyada Theatre - Theatre provocative, shocking his plays, which are successfully throughout Russia and abroad (Italy, USA, France, Canada, Australia). But only in Yekaterinburg actor, director and playwright Nikolai Kolyada has a stage on which He has 10 years of creation puts Shakespeare, Chekhov, Pushkin and Gogol, and their works.

      "Kolyada Theatre" inside looks like a normal house - chest of drawers, rugs, pictures on the walls and a samovar: before the performance the audience is waiting for hot tea and cookies, and they are often on the threshold meets the director himself. Lived-in look and create the old things that brought Kolyada. In general, Christmas house, against trite classic theaters, looks like - in a special way fine. The repertoire of Yekaterinburg Theater 23 Running time: eight performances for children and 15 - for an adult audience. Any viewer can choose currently play at your leisure.

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