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    Ring Mountain

    • Mirnyj, Russia
    • Ring Mountain$$
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    • Mount Ring is located on the southern spur of Borgustanskogo spine near Kislovodsk. Among the many caves due to the wind and water in the rock was formed ring 11 meters in diameter. This monument of nature - a very picturesque place, here regularly travel by tourists.

      Ring Mountain - is one of the objects of the Museum-Reserve Mikhail Lermontov. In his work "hero of our time" the action takes place in these parts, referred to the mountain itself. Here in the times of Lermontov came to rest from Kislovodsk admire picturesque species in a cave near the mountain found an inscription on a wall dedicated to the poet and probably made by one of his friends.

      The mountain is surrounded by numerous local legends and paver'yamі.

      Tourists who wish to visit the mountain, you need to remember about safety - there are avalanches, before the mountain reinforced cement to prevent the destruction, but now work for the conservation of the monument nature thereof.

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