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    • Yablonovka, Russia
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    • Koyrankangas (Fin. Koirankangas - «Heath Dog") - the tract on the north-east of the village Toksovo that is in the territory of the Rzhev artillery range, known for the fact that in the years of mass repressions in the USSR in the 1920s - 1930s near Levashovsky Void served as a place of mass executions of political prisoners, in particular - etapavanyh in Leningrad from Solovki prison camp. A number of researchers believe that here was shot Russian philosopher Pavel Florensky.

      According to the Finnish population of the surrounding villages Kiurumyaki, Konkolovo and Lepsari, shootings in Koyrankangas occurred since the late 1920s until World War II. Historians estimate that there were destroyed more than 30 thousand people.   

      Rzhevskij artillery range has existed since the end of the XIX century. From that time until the mid-twentieth century, the landfill has increased steadily following an increase dalnaboynastsі artillery. In the early 1920s took place in the border polygon 5-6 km from the station Rzhevka Іrynaўskі railway. In 1927, the boundaries of the landfill has been extended to the north was built inside the road. Since the 1970s, the landfill extends to the shore of Lake Ladoga, the total area of ​​76,000 hectares. Territory fenced, visit civilians is prohibited.

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