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    Klyazminskoe reserve

    • Naberezhnaya, Russia
    • Klyazminskoe reserve$$
    • +7 (929) 0297767
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    • Klyazminskoe Reserve organized in 1978. It lies in the two areas in the valley of the Klyazma. Reserve worked to protect wild animals, but most attention has become a relic highlights - kind of muskrat. The territory is divided two small-vihuholevih Bobrov, one in the Ivanovo region, the second - in Vladimir.

      Among the wild animals in the reserve live muskrat, moose, marten, from birds - grouse, rabchyk, ducks, coach, rare Pugach, kingfishers, Gogol.

      Klyazminskoe reserve is rich in lakes, the largest lake Smehro, its length is 4 kilometers. The whole area of ​​the reserve is more than 12 thousand hectares.

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