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    Klyazminskoe reserve

    • Naberezhnaya, Russia
    • Klyazminskoe reserve$$
    • +7 (929) 0297767
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    • The reserve was established in 1935 and in 1978. combined the two into a single reserve for the preservation and reproduction of valuable fur-bearing animals - muskrat, which is on the verge of extinction and is listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. Along with the main purpose, it performs the function for the protection of the flora, fauna, Іhtsіafaўna Klyazma floodplain.
      The reserve, the amount of which 21,000 hectares are inhabited animals such as beaver, muskrat, marten, muskrat, elk; Birds: White-winged gull, capercaillie, black grouse, rabchyk. Among the rare birds are kingfishers, duplagnezdavіkoў, Pugach, Gogol.
      In the reserve are beautiful lakes Nekrasov, Sorokin, curve, Walnut, Pechkara, Kihshevo, fluttered and others. The total number of large and small lakes in the reserve reaches almost 200 pieces. All large lakes united by channels. Those, in turn, are connected with the river Klyazma.
      8500 hectares of nature reserve located on the territory of the region (Highland Administrative Region), 12 500ga - Ivanovo region (territory Savinskoye and Yuzhsky admin. District). Reserve boundaries run along rivers - r.Teza on the east side (duration about 7 km), r.Klyazma - on the south side (about 40 km), from the south-west - p. arch (about 15 km). Through the central part of the reserve flows p. Shizhegda - 12.5km.

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