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    • Semyachik, Russia
    • Kikhpinych$$
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    • Kikhpinych represents two fused layered volcano. The highest point of the hill up to about 1500 meters. The volcano is composed of rocks of basalt and andesite. On the western slope of the volcano down with a mountain river Geyser. It passes through the entire height of the hills, forming a small canyon. Next goes to the Valley of Geysers. By the way this is a great field sources in Eurasia.

      On the other side of the volcano is Death Valley, which opened recently in 1975. On this site from the rocks hit hydrocyanic acid vapors which kill all life around.
      Kikhpinych is a pioneer scientist K. Dittmar.

      At the end of the XIX century, he repeatedly went on a hill with research expeditions. But the name of the volcano gave not he, but the locals. With Itelmen language it is translated as a fire-breathing mountain. It is not surprising, because in the history of recorded several tens of volcanic eruptions that brought unforgettable destruction in the Kamchatka region.

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