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    Kazan Cathedral

    • Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
    • Kazan Cathedral$$
    • +7 (812) 314-46-63
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    • Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg was built and consecrated in 1811 in honor of Our Lady of Kazan. Bookmark the cathedral took place in 1801 - construction lasted ten years. Emperor Paul I, on whose orders began the construction of the temple, very much like to the Cathedral of St. Petersburg was similar to the Cathedral of St. Peter's in Rome. Kazan Cathedral is really reminiscent of the Italian church, but at the same time the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan is very distinctive.

      The most spectacular northern facade of the cathedral of the Nevsky Prospekt. It is a hemisphere of 96 columns. The length of each of the wings of the colonnade is 42.7 meters. Above the columns dome rises 70 meters high. Decorated facade of the cathedral beautiful bronze sculptures. Despite the apparent monumental structures inside the Cathedral enough light, special solemnity and beauty to give the interior columns, carved out of pink Finnish granite.

      Built on the eve of World War II, the Kazan Cathedral is a temple-monument War of 1812. In 1813, it was buried in the great Russian commander Mikhail Kutuzov.

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