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    • Marevka, Russia
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    • Kargala or Kargalinskaya mining and metallurgical center is located in the north-west in the Orenburg region. This center is considered to be an ancient and major mining and metallurgical research and manufacturing organization in Northern Eurasia. Kargala - a huge size copper ore field with a lot of copper ore lenses and malachite and azurite nests, which are the main copper minerals in the area.

      Copper mineralization has a total area of ​​about 500 square kilometers, which is composed of 11 large and 11 smaller sites that have a large number of copper ores.
      Total Kargala employs approximately 35,000 traces of surface mines in the form of quarries, mines and hodnyaў. It is believed that the total amount of rock may exceed 250 million tons. More elongated copper ore dates from the Bronze Age. 

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