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    Karabash Reservoir

    • Karabash, Russia
    • Karabash Reservoir$$
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    • Karabashsky reservoir is located in the upper reaches of Zai, just above the village Karabasz, about 20 kilometers north of Bugulma in Tatarstan.

      Zai little river flow and adjusted gіdrograf characterized by quite large floods in the spring and low Mezhan. Reservoir refers to the Kama river basin.

      The water surface area of ​​7.59 square kilometers, length - 8.7 km and width near the dam more than one kilometer. The average depth of 7.2 meters, the total amount of water of about 52,300,000 cubic meters. The capacity of hydraulic structures 250 m³ / C

      Purpose of the reservoir is water nearby neftsepromyslaў and large industrial enterprises. As well there is a place for relaxation and developing fisheries.

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