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    Kandelyabrovaya alley

    • Zareche, Russia
    • Kandelyabrovaya alley$$
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    • Kandelyabrovye alley is located in the village of Bernovo, Tver region. This is the main avenue bernovskogo park of the XVIII century, located at the former mansion of the family Wolf. Now the manor became a museum AS Woolf Pushkin.

      To this day preserved the original layout of the park, which was borrowed from the French, as well as about 40 centuries-old linden trees planted in 1774-1775 and 1820. Park laced lime avenues planted in two vasmіpramyanevaya stars. Kandelyabrovye alley is the central alley, and it leads to the Round rate which reflects the old mansion. These alleys, this pond associated with the life and work of Alexander Pushkin.

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