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    Cafe Ai

    • Terskol, Russia
    • Cafe Ai$$
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      Climbing Mount Cheget begins with the clearing, where there are numerous hotels and cafes. Here the starting point Double Chairs, which will take you to the famous cafe "Ai", which means moon.

      The cafe is located at an altitude of 2750 meters. His round building, perched on an artificial platform directly on the mountainside, many years welcomes its skiers and snowboarders. Built in the 60s, it was the first and probably the only high-altitude Cafe in the USSR. His image is replicated numerous leaflets, photographs and icons, became the hallmark of Elbrus.

      The place is really a cult. Cafe is inextricably linked with the bard and author's song. It is said that Yuri Vіzbar enjoyed staying in a hut in the cafe "Ai". Here were born the texts of his new songs and stories for stories. In the 90s cafe "Ai" was the film set for the film "Breakfast with a view of the Elbrus" - the film adaptation of the novel by Vizbor.

      It is said that in this cafe the food is tasty hichinami - cakes with potatoes and cheese or meat. From the observation deck cafe for a cup of fragrant tea or flavored mulled wine in a nice sunny day to enjoy the two-headed top of Elbrus and passing away picturesque Baksan Valley.

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