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    Ikshinskoe Reservoir

    • Bolshoe Ivanovskoe, Russia
    • Ikshinskoe Reservoir$$
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    • Ikshinskoe reservoir is located in the Moscow region got its name from a small village Iksha.

      When in 1937 the Soviet government had decided to create a reservoir that would provide clean water to a city near Moscow and the Moscow region, the pond had only a technical meaning.

      After the same on the banks of the reservoir began to appear Ikshinskoe motels, hotels, sports clubs, turned it into the center of town rest. This is not surprising - the beautiful nature, clean air always attracted residents of cities, wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of a dirty and noisy city.

      Sometimes you can hear that the territory near the reservoir called "Russian Switzerland" - it's a lot of ski resorts here.

      Ikshinskoe reservoir is famous not only beautiful outdoor recreation, but also for its hunting and fishing. Fishermen can be seen here in the summer, especially a lot of them near the village Ermolin and at the confluence of the rivers Koteshki and winter, when it's time to start ice fishing.

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