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    Ichalkovsky reserve

    • Krasnaya Gorka, Russia
    • Ichalkovsky reserve$$
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      Ichalkovsky reserve is located in the Perevozskij district, Nizhny Novgorod region. The unique landscape and an abundance of flora and fauna identified paramount reserve in environmental management that is carried out on the region.

      Nature Conservation Area was created in 1965 in order to control the natural state Ichalkovsky boron and famous karst caves located in this area. In 1971 he was created Ichalkovsky reserve, which in addition to the above objects, also entered the river flood plain drunk.

      The reserve is located close to several villages, one of which - Ichalki, and gave the name to the Reserve. The reserve grow different types of conifers and deciduous trees, which are dominated by pines, oaks and birches. Some plant species are found here are listed as endangered. Feature wildlife sanctuary is the presence of eight species of bats that live in his cave.

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