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    Nativity Cathedral

    • Lipetsk, Russia
    • Nativity Cathedral$$
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      Nativity Cathedral is located on the central square called the Cathedral, in the city of Lipetsk, it was the architect Tommaso Adolin.
      Construction of the cathedral was begun in 1791, and the construction of the temple of Christ Cathedral was completed in 1803.

      In another consecration of the temple there was a fire, he destroyed all the wooden parts of the cathedral, the building with a fire badly burned. After which the temple was opened in 1805, and already 20 June 1805 was consecrated altar rebuilt temple in honor of St. Nicholas. 

      In 1842 the church cathedral was built, all decrees were from the Empress Catherine I, but in 1931 the cathedral was closed, due to the fact that has been established the main square of the city. But that was not lost monument of the city in his house placed Lipetsk Regional Studies Museum.

      Soon after, in 1991, the church gave the believers, and he has become a cathedral.

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