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    Ridge Kryktytau

    • Halilovo, Russia
    • Ridge Kryktytau$$
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    • Kriktitau - a mountain range in the southern Urals, which is located in the eastern part of the Republic of Bashkortostan of the Russian Federation. Kriktau length is about 60 kilometers. Ridge stretches along the river Big Dogwood in a northeasterly direction within Beloretskogo Abzelilovsky areas and Bashkiria.

      Kriktitau spine consists of a whole system of longitudinal degrees with rocky hills. Maximum height of the mountains Seyhan - 1118 meters, Shershiltau - 1108 meters and Kusimova - 1,080 meters.

      Kriktitau formed from volcanic rocks - tuffs, tuff breccias and porphyry. The slopes on the north and west sides are covered with birch groves, and closer to the top - deciduous forests.

      Valley covered with birch forests, wetlands often. The gentle slopes are covered with meadows with small areas of deciduous forests. The slopes of the southern and eastern sides are covered with herbage-feather grass steppe.

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