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    Temple complex in Vasilevsky

    • vasilevskoe, Russia
    • Temple complex in Vasilevsky$$
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      The village Vasilevsky, Shumsky district, Ivanovo region became widely known thanks to the temple complex. This ensemble of three churches: Trinity, St. Nicholas, the Georgian Mother of God, which stands in the center of the village.

      According to historical records, in the early XVII century there was a wooden church in honor of the Archangel Michael, it becomes a pivot near the Chapel, in the middle of the XVII century stone church of St. Nicholas. A few years later, in the neighborhood, from the south-east side, built the tallest church of Our Lady of Georgia. In 1768, on the south side of the temple was built five-domed Church of the Holy Trinity, namely its construction of the complex added scalability.

      In 1802, on the orders of Prince Trubetskoy, serf architect Peter Korsakov created a five-tier bell tower and fence. On each side of the fence are located towers chapel prybudavanyya bagadzelnі and storage for archive. Thus, the entire temple complex is a shape of an irregular quadrangle. It is known that Basil temple complex iconostasis consisted of 29 old icons (the beginning of the XV century), artists Andrei Rublev, Daniel Black and other famous painters. Currently, these icons became the property of the Russian Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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