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    Temple of all religions

    • verhnij Uslon, Russia
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      Temple of all religions - the brainchild of architect Ildar Hanawa, inspire such a difficult thing to travel Tibet and India, where he studied Oriental art, Buddhism, yoga, tybetskuyu and Chinese medicine.

      Construction of the church began in April 1994 on a rural kitchen garden Hanawa in the suburbs of Kazan. In construction no permanent sponsors. All is funded by donations and Ildar Hanawa people. House Kazan artist Ildar Hanawa is an original building, which combines in a complex of 16 world religions, and close by are the mosque and the church, and the Buddhist pagoda, and the Synagogue, built dome religions lost civilizations. Worship in the temple, which should be combined in a work of high art and cultural center, will be held.

      According to Ildar Hanawa, all world religions equally great. And because it makes no sense to separate them and lead religious controversy: God - within each of us.

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