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    Ascension Cathedral in Kursk

    • Kursk, Russia
    • Ascension Cathedral in Kursk$$
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      Church of the Ascension of the Lord, or, as it is called, voznessyanskaya Etorkov in Kursk - a local architectural monument. The church was built in the period from 1887 to 1888 at the expense of the parishioners and donations of all those who sympathize with. Before that parishioners attended Voznesens'k Michael Church, which after the construction of Ascension Church was moved to the throne.

      Ascension Cathedral was built on a hill, making it the main attraction of the settlement. In 1888 the church was enlarged Mother of God Skorapaslushnіtsa and Panteleimon, specially brought from Mount Athos. In 1893, on the The temple was built one-story stone church and school in one class. At the beginning of the next century, there was open rural school diplomas and the County dvuhkamplektnyh school.

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