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    Trinity Temple in the village of Trinity

    • Troitskoe, Russia
    • Trinity Temple in the village of Trinity$$
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      Trinity Temple in the village of Trinity is located in the Nizhny Novgorod region and is part of the temple complex of churches and Trinity Zosіmy and Savatsіya. This ancient wooden church was built here in 1713 on the banks of the river Vetluga.   

      The first Russian settlement here dates back to the fifteenth century. This settlement was guarded crossing over Vetluga and was on the road between Gorodets and Vyatka. After the settlement grew, there were two churches - the summer, which was called "Cold" was built in honor of the Holy Trinity, and winter - "warm" - in honor of St. Zosіmy and Savatsіya.

      As evidenced by the archives previously, the site of the church in the XVII-XVIII centuries, was Chernoezersky Monastery, founded by monks after Solovetsky uprising 1668-1678 year. Of the two churches, the church of the Holy Trinity was built first, there is a porch, a refectory and the prayer hall, covered, an increase in height, dvuhskhіlnymі roofs. Altar of the church has pyatiskatnuyu roof and bell tower - an open gallery and tent top. First bell tower was built separately, but in the early years of the XIX century it was connected refectory closed portal.

      Since the founding of the service in the church interrupted only once, in the period from 1941 to 1947. Today, the church is an active Orthodox church.

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