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    Temple Nicholas Valuyki

    • valujki, Russia
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      Nicholas Temple - Orthodox church in the ancient city Valuykі Belgorod region. It was built in 1840. Today it is the oldest building in the city.

      Like all churches with the advent of Soviet rule, the church was threatened with destruction. But since 1940 the church was used as a storage room of a military unit, the building has remained. Although the property has been stretched, and the bells and taken to the stairs fire department. Church services at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas resumed in 1946-1947, respectively.

      More recently, the church returned to one of the bells. Icon of St. Nicholas, whose name is this temple was lost after 1917. Currently, the congregation as a gift brought from various trips a lot of different icons: Icon of the Mother of God of Kazan, the icon of Our Lady Mother Sviatogorsk.

      Especially considered miraculous Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God and the image of the Perishing. Thanks to the efforts of believers appeared in the temple, and the ark of Orthodox shrines. It is located to the left of the altar, and the case has mashchavіk with the relics of various saints.    

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