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    Temple of Archangel Michael

    • Lyahovo, Russia
    • Temple of Archangel Michael$$
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    • Temple of Archangel Michael in the village Torzhok is located on a high hill, which many years ago was nothing but a peninsula - it is bordered by three streams of red, Zdaravets and Voronyak.

      Since ancient times, this place existed temples erected to the glory of the Annunciation, they were topped with blue domes, covered with stars.

      Archangel Michael Church dates back to 1864 year. Worth it under the direct supervision of an architect Aleskandrova. A little later, in 1887, the project architect Nazarene minor changes were made, such as the bell tower was rebuilt.  

      This temple has always been distinguished special "beauty" of the interior - its walls were treated with marble, and the iconostasis was covered with a thin layer of gold leaf, which in those days was considered a great luxury. In the period 1931-1936, respectively. Annunciation Church was the keeper with cancer relics of St. Arcadia and Ephraim - Novotorzhsky saints. After this first temple was closed, and then completely devoted to the bakery. Divine service was resumed in the monastery in 1946 and pass it to this day.

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