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    • Hindiktig-Khol - a lake in the Republic of Tuva. Lies almost on the border with Altai and Western Sayan mountain range. Tuvan name translates as "lake with navel." The area is very large in size, it extends the length of 14.9 kilometers. And its width is 8.6 kilometers. Above sea level, is located at an altitude of more than two kilometers.

      Lake shore in places swampy, beautiful scenery around there, the entire bank takes alpine tundra, where there can not be found or trees or rough vegetation. Lake Hindiktig-Khol is stained, there ledavіkovae origin. At its center there two islands on which the usual black marmot. Even without the beautiful scenery around the lake is a stunner - the endless expanse of blue water.

      The lake is very rich in big fish. Here are constantly working fishing team.

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