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    The State Museum-Reserve "Kulikovo Field"

    • Kurkino, Russia
    • The State Museum-Reserve "Kulikovo Field"$$
    • +7 (4872)36-28-34
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      State military historical and natural museum-reserve "Kulikovo Field" was established in October 1996. The museum is located on the site of the Battle of Kulikovo, held on September 8, 1380, and includes the site of the battle with the adjacent territory. Reserve "Kulikovo Field" is located on the south-east of the Tula region, it takes lot of landscape in the upper reaches of the Don.

      In the vastness of the reserve preserved fauna and flora close to the original. There you can see many architectural and archaeological sites. Some of them have been preserved from the time of the Battle of Kulikovo, and are vivid evidence of the rich historical Russia's past. The victory of the Russian people in the Battle of Kulikovo is reflected in the collections of the museum, memorial monuments and obelisks on the Red Hill and in the village Manastyrshchyna.

      In 2005, this museum was the winner of the competition "Changing Museum in a Changing World", which was awarded the highest award of his property to keep up with the times, keeping the tradition.

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