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    City Park of Culture and Rest in Osinniky

    • Uchul, Russia
    • City Park of Culture and Rest in Osinniky$$
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      A place where today is located in aspen city park, back in the 1950s took the swamp. But in 1958 at the initiative of the Komsomol organization here began planting trees - about forty thousand seedlings became the basis of the future park. Now the park is constantly updated, new avenues are planted in the creation of the active participation of the inhabitants of the city.

      In 2005 appeared in the park playground for children, as well as to discover the magic town with carved wooden sculptures created by local artist in wood. Soon appeared in the park area for veterans, where older people could relax on comfortable benches and socialize. In 2006, in celebration of the Miner's Day and the 80th anniversary of the mine in the park opened the Museum gornashahtavaga equipment where various samples of mining equipment. At the same time the park was established Memorial in honor of Victory Day, in which samples of military equipment.

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