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    • Poteryannyj Raj, Russia
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    • Shatsk city - the regional center of Ryazan region, with a population of six and a half thousand people. The city is located 350 kilometers from Moscow and 160 kilometers from the regional center.

      The history of the city dates back to the XVI century, and the construction on the site of a fortress city, which is the reference point for the further development of the Ryazan land. In 1719 the city entered into the Azov province as a center Shatskaga province, and in 1796 became the center of Shatskaga County Tambov Province. Further development of the county town has led to an increase in population - up to 1910 Shatsky lived more than five thousand people. Were built by the male and female parochial schools, women's gymnasium, public library and three hospitals. Also, the city began its work leather and match factories.

      Currently, the city has Distillery, garment factory sanitary facilities «NovaFlex» and meat processing plant. Shatsk through federal highway M5 "Ural".

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