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    City Anzhero-

    • Lebedyanka, Russia
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      City City Anzhera-Sudzhensk - a small town, known in Russia in the first place, as one of the most important educational centers in the Kemerovo region, as in the past - a well-known center of the coal industry. It was named in honor of the village on the River City Anzhera and sat Sudzhenka, which settled natives of the province of Kursk.

      City City Anzhera-Sudzhensk is located on the north of the city of Kemerovo, and was founded in 1897. City City Anzhera-Sudzhensk was created during the construction of the railway, and in connection with the start of work on coal mining. At the end of the XIX century City Anzhera-Sudzhensk was one of the important centers of the construction of the Great Siberian railway line, which stretched from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean.

      In the City Anzhera-Sudzhansky has many interesting attractions: L0409 locomotive monument, sculpture "Tales of Childhood", several monuments to the defenders of the Motherland, many parks. You can also visit the sports complex "Youth", relax in entertainment center "Rainbow".

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