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    Mountain Vottovaara

    • Klyushina Gora, Russia
    • Mountain Vottovaara$$
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      Vottovaara Mountain is located in the central part of the Republic of Karelia, near the villages and Sukkozero Gimoly. The mountain is only 417 meters, however, by local standards, it's a lot. A large number of legends surrounds the mountain, which is facilitated by a large number Seid, whose mysterious hand built, dark swamps, as well as stories about living on the mountain shamans. UFO - another integral part of the local epic.

      Forests, located on the slopes, look terrible from the surrounding mountain hills. Bony, broken trees bringing terror to the tourists. However, all is simple: at the top Vottovaara air is colder than at the base, as a result of strong winds, so the vegetation here is miserable and gloomy.

      The second name of the mountain Vottovaara - mountain shamans. It happened that tourists and locals greeted them, watched the ceremonies, after which they went into the swamp. Mysterious atmosphere of the mountains created by these events, attracting more tourists come here hoping to unveil a curtain of mysteries Vottovaara - mountain shamans.

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