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    Mount Mashuk

    • Inozemtsevo, Russia
    • Mount Mashuk$$
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      Mashuk - a remnant magmatychnaya mountain located in the central part Pyatsіgor'e on the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Its height is 993.7 meters. The name of the mountain comes from a legend about a girl Mashuk, which missed about his murdered man.

      Mount Mashuk stands unique natural monument of federal importance, its slopes are attributed to mining and sanitary zones, because underneath there is a formation and movement of mineral water.

      It was formed by raising the sediment the cooling of viscous lava. Its volcanic bodies continue to cool and still. Gore has a frustoconical shape which is at the bottom, with a diameter of 4 kilometers. Here you can find fossilized leaves and branches of trees that grew thousands of years ago, as well as bone and southern forest elephants, buffalo and deer.

      At the top of the mountain is long, almost kilometer cable car. There is an observation deck and a 112-meter tower broadcaster. The length of the pedestrian route in one direction is about 4 kilometers.

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