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    Blue Lake

    • Pavlovka, Russia
    • Blue Lake$$
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      Blue Lake can be seen in Sergіeўskіm area of ​​Samara region, near the village of Old Yakushkin. Round-shaped pond is located in sinkholes. The lake area is about 300 square meters, the maximum depth - about 23 meters. Year-round temperature of the water in the lake remains unchanged - about 8 degrees Celsius. Lake differs extraordinary clarity and vivid blue water.

      This is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the bottom of the lake source: they provide the blue color of the water and thanks to them in the water almost no living organisms, promotes transparency of the lake. The only type of algae that live in the lake - Stoneworts algae at the bottom of the pond, they form underwater meadows. Lake shore covered with grassy vegetation, found a kind of perennial aquatic plants, such as water Pine.

      From lake linked to many ancient legends. Locals believe that bathing in the lake is able to heal the soul and the body. Many of them believe that the lake is bottomless.

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